Do you know?

Most of the internet traffic is going on only through google. May be this sentence is quite boasting but its true as per many surveys and research done by major concerns.

Most of the internet traffic are made only through the different channels in google. Even there are more services like G-mail, Orkut, You tube, most of the internet traffic is only from you tube. From the total internet traffic, 6% of the traffic is only from google.

If we take internet traffic into consideration before 5 years, there were more than thousands of network. And before 2 years, 50% of the internet service and traffic are provided by 15 thousand networks. But now, the same 50% traffic is made from only 150 network providers.

Facebook, Microsoft and google combined to make around 30% of the total internet traffic today. Today's change is made from the video streaming methods. From the total web traffic, 20% of the traffic are from these video streaming. The searches for information on the internet has got a drastic change from 10% to 52% within 2 years. The others are from private and email sectors network providers.

Posted by Shiny Sunday, November 1, 2009


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