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Have you heard of the 4th generation (4G) mobile technology? Only few have heard that.. Yes it is new for me too but as we are moving forward with enhanced speed in every technology, the mobile technology also advances with us.

Yes... 4G technology is the next generation technology after 3G in wireless communications..Lately iPhone releases this model cell phones with every technology a man needs and here is the video from you tube. Its really amazing.

4G is nothing but "anytime", "anywhere" concept where voice, data and multimedia are embedded in it to have a better experience with a high speed bandwidth. As per Wikipedia, bandwidth requirements for 4G are 1 Gbit/s for stationary and 100 Mbit/s for mobile operation. It is mainly developed and distributed for a good quality od service for messaging service, HD TV in mobile, broadband access to internet and much more...

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Posted by Shiny Thursday, October 29, 2009


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