OMG ! ! ! This is like something:

Guys, I really want you to know about this sixth sense technology. Pranav mistry a student of MIT have developed a technology device combined with a projector, a computer and a cell phone. 

It is really amazing. You must have to watch this video. I really love this and amazed.

The gestures of our hand captures everything in-front of us like capturing images, videos and everything. We can search a product, know more about the product and even can read the newspaper with video? Sounds funny right? But it is true. Just see this and you will be amazed.

In the first video, Pranav himself explains about the technology about how he got that idea and how this is implemented. It is really interesting. In the second video, the staff in MIT really depicts a brief introduction about the technology. A must watch video.

Just it is a beginning of a new era literally..... Will see you with another post.

Posted by Shiny Monday, November 30, 2009

1 Responses to Have you heard of the sixth sense technology?

  1. ABDUL MATIN Says:
  2. i want the steps by which i can make a 6th sense mobile device for my final year project....
    pls send me the idea...


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